22 March 2012


be awesome.

80% of our condo flooded two weeks ago.

The flood was due to the city sewer on our street backing up.


The following two weeks were filled with men in hazmat suits, sanitizing, doing demo, and sanitizing again.

The dust and sanitation chemicals (stuff they use on crime scenes and in hospitals) totally aggravated Kennedy's asthma. Poor little munchkin.

Keira had a freak allergic reaction to our subfloor once it was exposed. Did you know all pressed wood materials have formaldehyde in them? And formaldehyde reactions include huge red swollen bags under your eyes, a scratchy throat, and lethargy? Yeah, I didn't either.  Poor munchkin #2.

We have no floor coverings, or real bathrooms, and are down to only one bedroom for the five of us and it will be that way for 10 more weeks.

So, I've been busy.

I've been upset.

I've been annoyed.

But I have amazing clients who have been wonderfully patient. (Um, thank goodness it isn't August!)

And there are really exciting things on the horizon.

And the city will pay for the damages.

I've weathered this storm for two weeks. Now it's time to go dance in it... or my kitchen, which is my favorite place to dance, and thankfully has been untouched by this whole mess!

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  1. What a mess. So sorry you are dealing with this. Sounds horrible. I hope the munchkins are better. What a bunch of bull sh*t!